Researchers within the pervasive health community would benefit immensely from a geographically distributed, home-based test bed within which to design, develop, and evaluate health technologies in people’s homes. Currently, researchers who work on technology in home environments usually:

  1. deploy small, ad hoc technologies
  2. recruit participants using convenience sampling rather than representative populations
  3. spend significant resources to build their own small test-beds
  4. rely on simulated data to answer research questions.

Such small, local evaluations greatly limit the generalization of results to a larger population. A geographically distributed test bed, with deployment and management responsibilities divided among different research groups, provides a scale-able and cooperative solution to these issues. Such a test-bed pushes discovery and learning forward by enabling evaluation of technologies, algorithms, and methods with a more diverse population. The construction of such a test-bed, however, involves numerous coordination and technological issues. The HomeSHARE initiative has spent much of the past two years working through many of these issues and are currently enrolling participants and researchers in the program starting in September 2018.

How to Get Involved

If you would like to become a HomeSHARE site, please contact the research team at: (812) 727-1098 or

This work is funded by National Science Foundation grant 1629468 and 1405873.