Become a HomeSHARE site

Researchers within the pervasive health community would benefit immensely from a geographically distributed, home-based testbed within which to design, develop, and evaluate health technologies in people’s homes. Currently, researchers who work on technology in home environments usually:

  1. deploy small, ad hoc technologies,
  2. recruit participants using convenience sampling rather than representative populations,
  3. spend significant resources to build their own small testbeds, and/or
  4. rely on simulated data to answer research questions.

Such small, local evaluations greatly limit the generalizability of results to a larger population. A geographically distributed testbed, with deployment and management responsibilities divided amongst different research groups, provides a scalable and cooperative solution to these issues. Such a testbed pushes discovery and learning forward by enabling evaluation of technologies, algorithms, and methods with a more diverse population. The construction of such a testbed, however, involves numerous coordination and technological issues. The HomeSHARE initiative is working through many of these issues to construct such a testbed by the end of 2017.

How to Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about the issues around developing HomeSHARE, please read our white paper [V1].

As we develop materials to become a home share site (IRB protocols, technical specifications and software), we will link to them here.

If you would like to use HomeSHARE for a user study, please contact the research team at:

This work is funded by National Science Foundation grant 1629468 and 1405873.